Available files to download for ESCA-0306C/

1.70 megabytes App A DTSC Correspondence and CRUP.pdf

22.37 megabytes App B FVFs and CAR.pdf

8.86 megabytes App C Project Memoranda.pdf

0.41 megabytes App D Survey Plats.pdf

17.18 megabytes App G Third Party QA Reports.pdf

1.30 megabytes App L MEC Photographs.pdf

0.55 megabytes App N Response to Comments on Draft.pdf

1.40 megabytes App P Response to Comments on Draft Final.pdf

0.10 megabytes App Q Distribution List.pdf

1.95 megabytes ESCA-0306C.pdf

App E All Removal Actions MEC and MD Plates
App F Daily Field Reports
App H DGM Processing Notes Tracking and QC
App I DGM Survey Target Lists
App J DGM Survey Mapbooks
App K Target Investigation Databases
App M Item by Item Evaluation
App O Response to Comments on Revised Draft